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Roof Repairs Melbourne

At Heritage Roofing, we understand that all roof repairs in Melbourne are not one and the same. There are different types of roofing materials used for different types of home styles. While we specialise in heritage style roofing (older style homes), we also have a vast experience in repairing just about every type of roofing made of slate, metal or tile.

Signs of your roof needing repair

Identifying when repairs to your roof are required may not be that easy if you are not a roof expert. When was the last time you had a look at your roof? If you have never done this previously, perhaps its time! To help you with this, we have put together a description of some warning signs that your ageing roof may need a repair.

Climb safely to a vantage point where you can see the entire roof and scope it, looking for signs of wear and tear.

Do the roof tiles look cracked, broken or missing?

We will need to replace damaged tiles. Some may have slipped out due to rusted nails having broken away from the battens. We may also have to re-point and re-bed loose ridge cappings.

Do you see any rust?

Your metal roof is in likely need of repair. We may need to treat or replace rusted roof valleys and flashings.

Can you see moss and lichen growing on your roof?

We can clean slate and tile roofs of built up moss and lichen using our special ’30 Second Roof Cleaner’. No pressure cleaning methods are used, so you are assured that your roof will not be damaged.

Are there discolourations or peeling paint under the eaves?

This indicates water damage. Please look inside the house for dark spots on ceilings and walls – signs that moisture may be accumulating and rotting your roof. We will need to investigate and repair a leak in the roof. Any rotted timber will also need to be replaced.

Are there tree branches close to your roof?

Branches can endanger your roof, so with your permission and if allowed by the council, we will cut off branches within 5 feet of your roof.

Have leaves and other debris collected in the gutters?

A clogged gutter can prevent rain water from draining into a down pipe, resulting in an overflow into your roof. You may require gutter repair, and we recommend the installation of a gutter guard.

The costs to repair a roof

Once we have identified the problem in your roof, we will advise in advance what the job entails and the roof repair cost. Roof repair prices depend on the size of the roof, the type of roof, the materials we will need to use to fix the problem, and if it is an emergency roof repair.

Why Heritage Roofing Melbourne should be your roof repair company

We have over 30 years extensive experience in roof repair service. We take pride in our work using the highest quality material. All Heritage Roofing Melbourne work is fully guaranteed.

For expert roofing repairs in Melbourne, come to the roof repair specialist – Heritage Roofing!

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The chimney had broken and missing render and was allowing water entry into the roof. The broken mortar was removed and the area thoroughly cleaned. High strength repair mortar was applied and allowed to set, then the repaired area was coated with two coats of colour-matched Dulux Weathershield. The flashings had the old decayed silicone sealant removed and polyurethane sealant applied, then overcoated with the colour matching Dulux Weathershield exterior paint.

Roof repair near me

Heritage Roofing Melbourne is your local roof repair contractor servicing all of metropolitan Melbourne, including the following suburbs:
Albert Park
Ascot Vale
Moonee Ponds
Port Melbourne
South Melbourne
St Kilda